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Everyone at AmeriZona Products has the experience and knowledge to offer Arizona home owners and businesses the professional care and courtesy they deserve. And with the Valley’s most extensive variety of solar and window treatment products available, you can be confident that you will receive the best products and the best installation available.

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Residential Window Tinting Benefits

Now is the perfect time to protect the interior of your home from blinding glare, unnecessary heat gain and damaging UV rays with high quality solar window tinting. With solar tinting on your windows, you can reduce high air conditioning costs, and keep your furniture, rugs, paintings and other precious items from fading due to continual exposure to the Sun’s harmful rays.

Commercial Window Tinting Benefits

When it comes to solar protection, energy savings, added value and increased privacy, applying commercial window tinting film to your office windows is a perfect solution. Whether you simply want to reduce air conditioning costs, glare or want a more private and secure environment, professionally installed solar tinting does all that and more. Commercial window tinting films come in a wide variety of colors to choose from.

If you’re interested in having an energy analysis performed on your current building, we can show you the benefits that window tinting can have on your business. To schedule your in-office analysis, call (602) 277-8468.


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Sources of Summer Heat

Windows on a typical home in the Phoenix area account for nearly 50% of the workload placed on you air conditioning system. That’s more than the roof, walls, and attic combined! Untreated windows in the desert environment will allow about 20 times more heat into your home than an equal amount of insulated wall space. By controlling the way the sun’s energy enters your home, you can save on summer energy bills and take advantage of “free” heating in the winter.
* Source: APS

Causes of Fading

The major factors affecting fading are: Ultraviolet Light (40%) Visible Light (25%) Heat & Humidity (25%) Window film installed on glass rejects 99.9 % of Solar UV Light, and up to 80% of the Sun’s heat and visible light.

“We had AmeriZona tint our entire office complex before renting space to any of our tenants. It added a perfect amount of privacy to the building from the outside. The tenant think the high reflective tint is a nice look as well.”

Sue Terringer – Property Manager of Alwin Properies

“The front lobby of our office in Paradise Valley faces west. And during the Summer, we were getting complaints from our patients about the heat. We call AmeriZona Products and they installed both window tinting and faux wood blinds in the office, and now it stay cool - even cold at times!”

Dr. George Wintrop – Wintrop Family Physicians

“Thanks to AmeriZona Products, our living room and dining room looks absolutely beautiful. They installed custom fitted wood shutters in both rooms and now the rooms look great.”

Diana Nagel

“We called AmeriZona Products to help us lower our electrical bills. They suggested window tinting both the east and west exposures of our home. From the moment they came over to give us an estimate, to the time they finished the job the whole team was friendly and professional. I recommend them to all my friends.”

Alan Jones